Welcome to the Sports Turf Care information page. We are the premier provider of Synthetic Turf Field maintenance services in the Northeast. Because our quality control standards are high, our service technicians are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver timely, professional results. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a  list of our services.


Sports Turf Care utilizes state of the art equipment to de-compact your infill and return the turf fibers to their intended upright position, while cleaning and returning the top infill material back to your playing field.  Our equipment vacuums the smallest particles from your infill including dust, pollen and hair in addition to large debris such as construction materials and loose fibers.  You are left with a clean, level playing surface which will help you realize the life expectancy of your investment and protect your players.


Gmax values increase with high usage, compaction, and infill segregation. These values can be reduced by grooming or top dressing your field. For optimum synthetic turf playing field performance, fields should have Gmax results between 120 and 145. It’s best to have your field tested once a year.

For synthetic surfaces, ASTM specifies that the reported Gmax value for all test points on a field should be less than 200 Gmax (as measured in accordance with ASTM procedures F355-A and F1936). If the standard isn’t met, the field is considered unsafe and remediation is required.

Gmax measurements change as the field ages. This suggests that regular Gmax testing is important - but how often is often enough? Among researchers and other industry experts, there is a general consensus that an annual test is most desirable.

Sports Turf Care, LLC offers several levels of services that will improve the performance of the Gmax test. Most importantly is to consider implementing periodic INFILL DECOMPACTION AND ADVANCED LEVEL SURFACE GROOMING followed by a scheduled grooming program that delivers on-going prevention of field hardening.


Specially designed triangularly arranged brushes are pulled across the surface, lifting the fibers into a more upright orientation, straightening and groom each grass blade for an attractive and realistic finish to the synthetic turf. This process helps maximize fiber lifespan and enhances field color vibrancy and overall field appearance.  Brushes move surface infilll to low areas left after play, leaving you with a level and true playing surface.   


It is common to find seams lifting, especially around in laid lines and logos. It is more unusual to see sidelines open up due to the fact that these would have been tufted in at the point of manufacturing.  Not only the heavy usage from everyday play but weather conditions and freezing temperature can all breakdown the glue and create weaknesses in the joins.  Sports Turf Care, LLC's program consists of on-site field inspections, seam and turf repair.  Seam and logo repairs can be offered while on site with our Annual Maintenance Program with the repairs performed on a time and materials basis after onsite inspection with the field owner.


To brush, loosen and decompact the hardest infill, the Verti-Groom is equipped with a variety of interchangeable tools. The spring steel flexible tines gently lift and break up compacted areas while effectively mixing and incorporating sand infill. Mounted separately or with the spring tines, specially configured rear poly brushes straighten and lift the turf fibers leaving them in a plush and upright for a soft and level playing surface.